Canadian singer songwriter Scotty Newlands pays tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces this Remembrance Day with his brand new single “These Are Our Heros”

ScottyNewlandsTORONTO-Both in and out of his uniform, Reserve Office Scotty Newlands is a young Canadian singer, songwriter and military man with a unique vocal style. This Remembrance Day, Scotty will be using his music to honour the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces both here and abroad. His brand new single, These Are Our Heros (available for purchase starting November 11th, 2010 on will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Canadian Armed Forces to pay homage and thank members for their service and contribution to the country.

Written by Les Kotzer with music and production by Lewis Manne and Wendy Watson, Scotty was chosen to sing this song and breathe life into the inspirational words. These Are Our Heroes is dedicated to the army men and women whose selfless acts of heroism throughout history have allowed us to live in peace and experience everything we often take for granted.

No stranger to the music scene, Scotty Newlands has honed his vocal skills from his early days in school choirs and University ensembles. Since then he has evolved into an up and coming artist who is making a name for himself in the Canadian music industry. After finishing as one of the top finalists in the 2003 Canadian Idol season, Scotty Newlands has since released his first album, New Roads.

Creating something that would speak to everyone, the album New Roads is composed around Newlands life. Newlands wanted to show a challenge time with love and loss, and the potential inner strength each of us has to overcome.

To further his music abilities, Newlands teamed up with Richard Uglow, a pianist and producer, to work on several projects at Studio 92 in Toronto. With their music and ideas complimenting each other’s personal style, Uglow helped Newlands to develop a new distinct sound he would later use whole recording, New Roads.

Newlands wrote and recorded New Roads with Canadian producer Brent Bodrug at Sly-Fi studios in Toronto. Bodrug’s years of experience as an accomplished pianist and songwriter matched Newlands performance style and together they were able to create a project to best showcase Newlands vast vocal range and style, as well as expose his talent and depth as a songwriter.

Combining his love of performance with a desire to serve, Scotty enlisted into the Canadian Army Reserve. He began his military career as a musician and later became an officer – serving as a Public Affairs representative and featured vocalist for many high-profile events.

After enlisting in the military, Newlands was involved in many different theatrical and musical performances around Scarborough, Ontario. During this time, he also participated in numerous parades and concerts in both his civilian and military career.

Thinking of others, Newlands wanted to give back to the people who have supported him and helped shape his past. Realizing the importance and affect of high morale in the military community, Newlands continues to support out troops by donating a portion from each CD sale to the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA).

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