Based out of Vaughn, Ontario, family-run bakery Ozery’s Pita Break is dedicated to quality and whole grain goodness with its range of bread and cracker products. In 2009, Ozery’s Pita Break was ready to shares its bakery expansion and become a recognized household name and soon after approached PMG to make this happen.

PMG’s Approach

Connecting with traditional media as well as social media influencers, PMG has gotten Ozery products into a variety of hands across Canada and the USA including journalists, TV and radio hosts, mommy bloggers, health and fitness experts, and more. Highlighting Ozery’s dedication to its fresh baked goods and company values, PMG has shared their family success story with publications all across North America. In addition, PMG was able to further connect Ozery’s Pita Break with its audience as it created and assisted in the company’s social media outreach.


Featured in Best Health Magazine, Toronto Star and more, PMG has expanded the reach of the family’s story and wholesome products, further establishing Ozery’s Pita Break as a leading Canadian bakery brand. In addition, we were able to expand their outreach by pushing their products Stateside, which resulted in multiple features including a mention on During the grand opening of Ozery’s Vaughan, Ontario bakery, the city’s mayor was in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony, making the bakery a true part of the community.  The Ozery’s family success story and recipe ideas have also been featured on Breakfast Television, National Post, Financial Post and Canadian Immigrant.