Documentary filmmaker Sonia Godding Togobo explores the inspiring story of a Haitian orphan with her latest film Adopted ID, premiering at the Hot Docs Bloor Cinema

Toronto – July 4, 2012

AdoptedIDDocumentary filmmaker Sonia Godding Togobos explores the inspiring and heart-warming journey of a Haitian orphan with her latest documentary Adopted ID. The story follows Judith Craig, a Haitian woman adopted by a white Canadian family who returns to Haiti in order to find her biological parents. The film will be premiering at the Hot Docs Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor Street West) on July 19, 2012 at 6:30 PM. Tickets can be pre-purchased for $12 at

In Adopted ID, Judith takes audiences on her trip to Haiti, revealing an intimate journey and giving an in-depth, emotional and touching feel. She is a strong woman who has lived it, felt it, understands it and wants to give back to other children and parents who are experiencing a similar family dynamic.

The aftermath of the horrific Haiti earthquake in 2010 highlighted the need of trans-racial adoption and the benefit of families from wealthy nations assisting families of poorer nations. The earthquake motivated Judith to become even more involved with adoptions; Adopted ID examines the issue of transnational and trans-racial adoption. Having been abandoned at birth, Judith strives to share her story with the world while hoping to reunite with her biological parents.

In 2010, Sonia and her partner created SunStar Worldwide Studio; a media personal development company. They are excited to release the documentary which has been shot in Haiti, Canada and England over a period of four years.

During the production of Adopted ID, a campaign was created to help raise money to produce the music, footage, sound mixing and the final picture enhancement edit; this all enables the film to be broadcasted. The campaign resulted in $7,502 being raised, leading towards an outstanding documentary that will touch the world.

About Sonia Godding Togobo

Sonia Godding Togobo has worked in broadcast television with credits in Canada, England and has shot films in both Haiti and Ghana. After graduating from Humber’s Film and Television program in 2011, Sonia went on to work with numerous post-production companies before settling at Nelvana, North America’s largest animation distributor. Later worked her way on up to associate editor on CBC’s A Deathly Silence and WTSN Profile Series before moving to Canada’s pioneering music channel – Much Music in 2003. She has also worked on programs for BBC, Channel Four and ITV in London. Now, Sonia is gearing up to release her first ever full length documentary, Adopted ID.

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