Case Studies

Edge of Tomorrow

On May 29, 2014, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada hired Pennant Media Group Ltd. to promote the Canadian premiere of Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s latest blockbuster film, Edge of Tomorrow, which took place at the Scotiabank theatre in Toronto. This particular campaign involved a surprise visit by Tom Cruise to Toronto to help publicize the film.

PMG’s Approach
Pennant Media Group Ltd. executed the red carpet premiere from the ground up handling traditional media and social media outreach as well as all the technical logistics on site. PMG coordinated the mechanical aspects of the premiere including ordering and organizing the delivery of the red carpet as well as the stage inside the theatre where Tom Cruise would stand to welcome the media and guests, sectioning off the area for radio contest winners, organizing all walk throughs in liaison with the theatre staff and security in order to ensure that the event ran smoothly, and more. PMG was also responsible for inviting strategically targeted traditional media, bloggers and social media influencers who would help spread the word about the film

With only a week to execute the campaign, PMG was able to achieve great results not only by attaining media hits from all major networks in Canada including CTV, City, Global, and CBC, but we also filled the theatre with hundreds of the city’s most influential personalities to help spread the word about the film. The #EdgeOfTO Hashtag trended across the country throughout the evening, Tom Cruise retweeted one of the company’s tweets, and media coverage for the film continued throughout the week leading up to the actual release date.