Equal Justice Canada Poverty & Justice: A Productive Society of Success for All


500 Elementary & High School Students will attend the Poverty & Justice Conference aimed at keeping Youth out of the Criminal Justice System.


DATE: Wednesday February 22, 2017 at 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

PLACE: OISE, 252 Bloor Street West, at St. George subway, AUDITORIUM




TEACHER DESIGNS YOUTH CRIME PREVENTION PROGRAM: The conference was designed by a teacher with a law degree who saw an influx of youth in the criminal justice system and believes that educators have a responsibility to teach prevention and education when it comes to changing the future of Youth.




The event is to educate children and youth about the justice system so they stay out of it! As bullying increases in school yards and schools, the use of violence; pushing, shoving, tripping, throwing items at each other – these types of behaviors set the trend for future violence. Students need to know they can be charged with assault under the Criminal Code of Canada.


ALTERNATIVES TO CRIME: Education, Community Service, Positive Choices, Positive Behaviors, Political Involvement, Lobbying for Change, Team work


BULLYING as CRIMINAL Harassment under Criminal Code of Canada


Students can be charged with Criminal Harassment to bullying and harassing a classmate.


Discussions & Analysis of why the criminal justice system doesn’t work for some people and an honest authentic look of how it works for different racial and social groups.


Students will be inspired to live their best life, to choose alternatives to crime and to become reinvested and recommitted to educational and service goals.

Students will become civic minded and civic engaged in terms of seeing the world around them, what roles they play in creating a better society and how to make their lives better for themselves and others.



Different age appropriate activities on the criminal justice system and its impact on diverse social and racial groups

  1. ROY WELLINGTON: KEYNOTE SPEAKER: H. Roy Wellington is a determined and committed criminal lawyer whose teen nephew was shot by police. This personal tragedy led Roy to examine the Criminal Justice system and to attend law school. He has taken on difficult cases with a wide variety of clients who have found themselves in impossible circumstances.  Roy approaches his clients with intelligence and compassion as he knows first-hand that there is always more behind a situation than the charges a person faces.

PANEL: Laura Lisico, Enzo Rondinelli, William Luke, Uma Kancharia, Cameron Brown, Carmen Lazarus

PERFORMERS: Jackie Richardson, Angelique Francis, Euterpe Music, Kevin Cato

EXTENSION ON LEARNING: Students will have the opportunity to share any situations or opinions they have on the Justice system and how society can make it more accessible. Students will be encouraged to write letters to members of parliament and to pick a specific area of the Justice system they believe needs the most improvement.


DEDICATION TO JUDGE STANLEY GRIZZLE: The 2017 POVERTY & JUSTICE conference is dedicated to Citizenship Judge Stanley George Sinclair Grizzle who was a soldier; political candidate; civil rights and labour union activist who devoted his life to fighting racism, especially in the Justice system.


Available for interviews:

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Email: [email protected]