Experts at Yada Salon create signature Wedding and Prom Updos that suit your unique look and style

YadaHairSalonThe secret to the perfect updo this season is more personal than you think. With the prom and wedding seasonupon us, it is a busy time at the Yada Salon. The updo is the staple style for brides and prom princesses alike, with each one wanting their own to be personal, unique, and simply the best. Owner and Creative Director of Yada Salon, Yamen Dak is known for creating signature looks that not only fit perfectly with each occasion, but also compliments your personality, traits, andpersonal style.

Born in Beirut and trained in Paris, Yamen has over 20 years experience perfecting classical French techniques learned alongside some of the best stylists, including Jaques Dessange and Frédéric Fekkai. Yamen dresses hair the same way a fashion designer styles clothes; paying attention to specific details like skin tones, hair texture, bone structures and lifestyle traits bringing the inside beauty out.

Yamen Dak differentiates himself from other hairstylists with his unique technique. Yamen sees cutting hair as a coiffeur process, deriving from his French and Lebanese training. The Coiffeur term calls for beautifying the hair, which is exactly what Yamen focuses on. Every customer that walks into Yada Salon walks out with a hairstyle that suits everything encompassing their persona and brings out the hair’s charisma.

While still focusing on his hair-cutting methods, Yamen is also able to transcend beyond the technical and into the creative. For Yamen, no hairdos are ever alike akin to the idea that no two paintings are similar. To the hair stylist, cutting hair is an art form enabling him to create a distinct signature look each time.

This one of a kind way of cutting hair is even evident when arriving at the Yada Salon. While instantly feeling an atmosphere of luxury and class, the open concept of the salon resembles that of a gallery mirroring Yamen’s idea that hair cutting is similar to art.

Another interesting detail to note is that there are no magazines, books or pictures of other hairstyles to be found in the space. Yamen’s vision of hair is not to mimic other styles but to create one of his own suiting the personal trait of each client. With no images of other hairstyles, it allows for Yamen to connect with his customers on another level and really get what they want to best suit their needs.

At the Yada Salon, Yamen also believes in the science and precision of hairdressing. He focuses on balancing the particular ingredients and quantities for treatments and processes to truly bring forth the hair’s best quality and beauty. For example, Yamen Dak is known to be the first hairstylist in Toronto to use the highly talked about, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which was said to be the answer to getting the perfect straight hair.

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment became known as the best alternative to harsh chemical straighteners, and the Japanese method. Pioneered in Brazil, the Brazilian Keratin Treatment is performed on all types of chemically treated hair (bleached, highlighted, coloured, permed, relaxed or previously straightened). The treatment is more effective and less time-consuming than constant blow-drying. It also re-texturizes the hair, and seals in colour and shine. With this treatment, clients for the first time can have wash-and-wear hair that is in better condition than ever before.

Yamen Dak was able to perfect this technique by using the right amount of ingredients for the hair. By using a balanced sum of keratin and collagen, Yamen has created the perfect straightening treatment, which is signature to the Yada Salon.


“I have had great success with my clients, and I love to hear them telling me how attractive their hair has made them feel, how people have complimented them”

-Yamen Dak, Owner and Creative Director, Yada Salon

“I’m great at what I do because it’s my passion, my creative outlet – but this salon is about the clients, not about me. I try to figure out what they need – to be more sexy, stronger, softer.”

-Yamen Dak, Owner and Creative Director, Yada Salon

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