For the first time in online group buying history, DealTicker launches a charitable donation function, supporting a featured charity every month

DealTickerNow for the first time in online group buying history, you can get a deal and do a good deed, donating a portion of your sale to a featured charity every month. Canadian group buying website DealTicker partners with Canada’s leading national charities, beginning this February 1st, 2011. For the entire month of February, subscribers have the option to donate to The Canadian Cancer Society and for March they can support Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Whether consumers are eating out at an amazing restaurant, getting a relaxing massage or enjoying a handy service, they can acquire it at 50 to 95 percent off and for a great cause!

The monthly charity function exposes consumers to DealTicker’s monthly charitable features. Customers are given the opportunity to make a donation of any amount, having just saved 50% to 95% on a service or product offering. Making a purchase is not even a requirement; DealTicker visitors can make a standalone donation, and instantaneously receive an email confirmation and a charitable receipt.

DealTicker is the first to really prove that website traffic can be multipurpose. It raises awareness in our communities by offering visitors the ability to educate themselves on the monthly charity.

Daily deals range from spa packages, car detailing, personal training sessions and meals at restaurants, to pet grooming, home cleaning, magazine subscriptions and paintball experiences. The deals are available in major cities across Canada such as Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Ottawa.

When subscribers refer friends and family to the daily deals, they make money on every referral purchase made.

Founded by entrepreneurs Julian Gleizer and Daniel Abramov, DealTicker strives to be the best and most reliable broker for businesses and consumers.

The company always aims to offer the most attractive deals to its consumers and the highest new client repsonse rates for its featured business partners.

Customers can make a purchase in six easy steps:

1. Select any amazing deal of your choice in your city

2. Click ‘buy’ and join the deal. If enough people buy, the the deal is on!

3. To ensure enough people buy the deal, share it with your friends

4. Congratulate yourself. You just go an amazing deal!

5. Find your voucher in your email inbox

6. Enjoy!

An number seven, don’t forget to donate!

DealTicker provides performance-based marketing, allowing businesses to acquire new clients within a limited time-period. The company promotes its business partners to a targeted audience, so that they receive mass exposure with no upfront charge.

Business partners Julian Gleizer and Daniel Abramov bring their background in finance, strategic marketing and strong sales expertise to DealTicker, having founded UCS Financial, a financial consulting firm, which specializes in providing business solutions to individuals and businesses internationally. Since its inception last October, DealTicker has sold more than 23,188 vouchers and saved consumers over $2,923,246.


“Many people want to donate to charities, but don’t necessarily know how to or have the time to do so.”

“DealTicker found a way to utilize online traffic to raise awareness, giving back to the community by creating an online function that will enable people to donate a portion of their daily deal.”

-Julian Gleizer, founder, DealTicker

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For more information on DealTicker and its daily deals, visit is available in: Toronto, Calgary, Durham, Edmonton Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo, Halifax, Hamilton, London, Mississauga, Montreal, Niagra, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg and York Region, and is currently expanding into the US Markets in 3rd quarter of 2011.

Available for Interviews: Julian Gleizer, Founder