From Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and fun March Break activities, to the coolest kids stuff and mom stuff around, let the Peachy Buy Shopping Mamas find you the Peachiest Buys in town!

495-PeachyBuyThe Peachy Buy Shopping Mamas Nicole Mandel and Hagit Sharet bring together the Ying and the Yang of tactical shopping. Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your hubby for Valentine’s Day? Looking for unique and fun family activities? Feel like indulging in a luxe spa treatment? Want the inside scoop on the newest retail hotspots around? Let the girls put some Zen into your personal shopping experience at Peachy Buy, by visiting their latest tips and tricks at

As founders of Peachy Buy, Nicole and Hagit are professional moms who love to help moms like themselves find the best and most relevant deals in town. After all, Peachy Buy is the only Group Buying website that directly targets the person making the majority of the household purchases.

Writer and academic Nicole Mandel takes shopping very seriously. From writing her 100 page Master’s thesis on Shopping Magazines and Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a Shopaholic, to creating complex mathematical algorithms to justify insanely expensive purchases (usually shoes), Nicole is a huge proponent of investment shopping. Nicole spends her time sourcing out the latest Peachy Buy deals for her subscribers (while wearing awesome shoes and bags of course!)

Being friends with Hagit Sharet means never having to pay retail price again. Hagit has made it her mission to find the best deals on the best stuff for herself and all of her friends. She literally has a degree in deal finding, studying at the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. For Hagit, there’s nothing better than a great looking, cheap and cheerful find. Although Hagit always looks like a million bucks you can be sure that she hasn’t spent it.

With the help of Nicole and Hagit, moms can now save up to 50 percent on deals that the whole family will enjoy, all from the comfort of home. With great deals on theatre tickets, family restaurants, admission to family attractions, exercise programs, vouchers for stores, tutoring companies, kiddie haircuts and organic food, the possibilities are endless.

At Peachy Buy, the founders are moms too, and have made it easy and fun to access incredible deals by delivering them straight to your email inbox.

As avid subscribers to Group Buying sites, Peachy Buy co-founders Nicole Mandel and Hagit Sharet had a difficult time finding deals on those sites that were relevant to their needs and daily life. Peachy offers households incredible savings that families can actually use, which will ultimately save time, money, and afford many opportunities to tryout new experiences.

It is simple to join the Peachy Buy community. Visit and enter your email address and postal code. There is no minimum number of purchases and there is also the opportunity to share the deal with friends, to earn Peachy Points to use on future deals.

Peachy Buy helps moms find deals on items that their families actually want and need.

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