Get hooked on the environment! As Ontario moves towards a zero waste tolerance, companies can now hang their coats responsibly.

Toronto – February 19, 2010

Toronto-based media hook has introduced Canada to the completely biodegradable, eco-friendly smart hanger, made with 100 percent recycled material creating a durable paper-based (FSC approved) clothes hanger. As Ontario moves towards a zero waste tolerance, the province is holding individual producers accountable for their waste products. The smart hanger offers companies a chance to reduce waste, while promoting a healthy environment.

This ‘green hook’ initiative offers businesses the opportunity to meaningfully communicate their core values relating to the environment. The smart hanger serves two key purposes.

Primarily, it allows companies to advertise and communicate messages to the community. Its two square feet of media space offers organizations an opportunity to show their support towards an eco-friendly world, while sharing messages of stewardship with target demographics.

Secondly, the smart hanger serves the function of a sturdy coat hanger. Since its inception, the City of Toronto has accepted the smart hanger into the blue bin program. It is an environmentally sustainable alternative to harmful, non-recyclable plastic and wire hangers that end up in our own landfills. Every year, about 300 million wire and plastic hangers end up in landfills. Counter to that, one tonne of recycled paper keeps 27 kilograms of pollutants out of the atmosphere. With the use of the smart hanger, businesses can make a substantial impact on reducing harmful waste.

img-SmartHanger“Canadian businesses are looking for exciting, functional, green, Canadian-made products and the smart hanger is all of those things. It solves a practical problem and it carries a message of social responsibility,” says Leigh Meadows, product designer and CEO of media hook.

The smart hanger offers a messaging platform that allows companies to share their commitment and encourage others to participate in a greener environment. By replacing the use of metal and plastic hangers with the smart hanger, businesses can reduce their residual waste by up to 30 percent.

Media hook is a Canadian business that combines innovative design with environmentally responsible production. With its growth, it continues to create practical solutions to help conserve our environment.


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