Get hooked on the environment: the smart hanger and BMO Life Assurance Company launch campaign to reduce dry cleaning waste one shirt at a time.

Toronto – March 7, 2011

A new environmental initiative comes to Ontario and this one is completely off the hook! The smart hanger and BMO Life Assurance Company will be teaming up to launch an eco-friendly campaign that places the smart hanger in dry cleaners across the province. This marks the first environmentally sustainable advertising campaign of its kind, in which a recyclable coat hanger is used as an advertising platform, placing BMO Life Assurance Company directly in the hands of target demographics. The smart hanger is now fully in operation at Carr’s 1 Hour Dry Cleaning, The Dry Cleaner, Hillary’s Dry Cleaners, Bayou West Cleaners, Flindall’s Cleaners, Woodland Cleaners, Super Cleaners, Trenton Cleaners, Parsons Cleaners and Launderers, Northtown Cleaners, Burdock’s Dry Cleaners, Happy Dry Cleaners, Orr Cleaners, Peter’s Drive-in Cleaners and Texmain Cleaners.

With 2 square feet of advertising space, the smart hanger offers businesses a sustainable way to increase the touch points of their advertising campaign, putting their message directly into the hands of viewers and key influencers.

Moreover, the smart hanger secured a license with Nickelodeon, through partnership with GLOBAL EDGE BRANBDS. Characters Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer and Diego are placed on the smart hanger for children and youth to enjoy.

Every year, about 300 million wire and plastic hangers senselessly end up in landfills. Businesses can reduce residual waste by up to 30 percent with the use of the smart hanger.

By replacing only 1,000,000 metal (steel) hangers, the smart hanger saves the equivalent CO2e emissions from the combustion of 5,804 gallons of gasoline.

“Canadian businesses are looking for exciting, functional, green, Canadian-made products and the smart hanger is all of those things. It solves a practical problem and it carries a message of social responsibility,” says Leigh Meadows, product designer and CEO of the smart hanger.

The smart hanger is a Canadian business that combines innovative design with environmentally responsible production. With its growth, it continues to create practical solutions to help conserve our environment. As Ontario moves towards a zero waste tolerance, the province is holding individual producers accountable for their waste products.

img-SmartHangerThe smart hanger offers companies a chance to become environmentally sustainable. Since its inception, the City of Toronto has accepted the smart hanger into the blue bin program. It is an environmentally sustainable alternative to harmful, non-recyclable plastic and wire hangers.

Toronto based the smart hanger was one of three finalists in a special themed-episode of CBC’s Dragons’ Den: Greenvention. As runner up, the smart hanger has solidified a partnership with GLOBAL EDGE BRANDS as the exclusive North American distributor. The smart hanger is Canada’s only completely biodegradable and eco-friendly hanger, made with 100 percent recycled paper, creating a durable paper-based (FSC approved) clothes hanger.


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