Granddaughter of Bob Marley, Donisha Prendergast, goes on a personal odyssey to understand RasTa as a universal expression, in the film RasTa: A Soul’s Journey

Toronto – August 16, 2011

As the eldest granddaughter of reggae music’s most iconic figure Bob Marley, Donisha Prendergast grew up in a world that revered the art and life of her grandfather. The documentary, RasTa: A Soul’s Journey, is at once an exploration of Rastafari, the inspiration for Bob Marley’s music, and Donisha’s desire to dispel any misconceptions about the livity of Rastafari.

There will be two private industry screenings of RasTa: A Soul’s Journey, taking place at NFB Cinema, followed by a reception at Scotiabank Theatre on September 12, 2011.

RasTa: A Soul’s Journey is directed and produced by Stuart Samuels, executive produced and produced by Patricia Scarlett and Marilyn Gray, and is in partnership with Citytv. Hat house Big it Up is the sponsor and partner, as creator of the official RasTa hat.

Online visitors can view the official RasTa: A Soul’s Journey website at, in which Donisha Prendergast invites visitors to share their thoughts with the rest of the world by stating what Rasta means to them. Now with 25,000 fans, visit RasTa: A Soul’s Journey on Facebook at:!/rastatrekka?sk=app_141825669217394

RasTa: A Soul’s Journey unfolds as a personal odyssey that challenges the often cartoon perception of Rastafarians, and focuses on putting the story and the message of this movement into a personal and global perspective. Donisha’s film odyssey, therefore, is both personal and historical, as she balances revelations about Rastafari with self-discovery.

img-RastaRasTa: A Soul’s Journey moves away from the more familiar images of Jamaica, towards the various ways in which this movement has gone beyond the tiny Caribbean Island. It reveals the ways in which the message of Rastafari has manifested itself in diverse cultures, how the tenants of Rastafari are rooted in history and how they are made relevant to contemporary issues. The film’s narrative unfolds as a voyage of discovery, driven by Donisha’s intense desire to understand the past and make a clear meaning of the present.

Donisha Prendergast encounters Rastafari communities in Israel, India, Jamaica, South Africa, Ethiopia, Canada and the United Kingdom. In these countries, she meets with men and women who have chosen a Rastafari lifestyle. She explores how the movement evolved in that particular place and ultimately hopes to find her purpose as a young Rasta woman.

RasTa: A Soul’s Journey features interviews with British/Jamaican writer and dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who is strongly influenced by the music and poetry of Jamaica and what he calls “street politics”; Reggae artist and successful entrepreneur Ras Levi-Roots, a Rastafarian who stands for peace, love and harmony amongst all people; Bob Marley’s youngest son Damien Marley; and Dr. Jake Homiak, curator of the exhibit Discovering Rastafari at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute.

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