Hairstylist Yamen Dak combines technical precision and his signature style, to create the perfect updo this wedding and prom season

yadaThe secret to the perfect updo this season is more personal than you think. The updo is the staple style for brides and prom princesses alike, with everyone wanting their own to be unique and simply the best. Yada Salon founder and Creative Director Yamen Dak is known for creating signature looks that not only fit perfectly with every occasion, but also serves your individual personality trait and personal style.

Born in Beirut and trained in Paris, Yamen Dak has over 20 year’s experience perfecting classical French techniques learned alongside some of the world’s most renowned stylists, such as Jaques Dessange. Under the direction of these mentors, Yamen learned to dress hair in the same way that a fashion designer styles clothing. He pays precise attention to specific details like the client’s skin tone, hair texture, bone structure and lifestyle pattern.

Yamen Dak differentiates himself as a coiffeur, deriving from his French and Lebanese training. While trained as a finely technical practitioner, he transcends beyond his technical ability and uses it in a highly creative way. He is an artist of hair, in which no two hairstyles are ever alike. For Yamen, cutting hair is an art form, enabling him to create a distinct signature look every time.

The open concept at the salon resembles that of an art gallery. The pristine space is minimal, the design-lines are clean and clutter is absent, so that all attention is directed solely on the hair.

Interestingly, there are no magazines, books or pictures of any other hairstyles to be found in the space, which distract from a completely unique creative process. Yamen’s vision of hair is not to mimic other styles, but to create one of his own that suits the personal look of each client.

Yamen Dak is known to be the first hairstylist in Toronto to use the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which was said to be the answer for the perfect straight hair. He is the only hairstylist in the city who has perfected this technique, by finely balancing the sum of keratin and collagen, to create the perfect straightening treatment, which is a signature of Yada Salon.


“Our hairstyle should reflect our personal identity and our individual personality.”

-Yamen Dak, Owner and Creative Director, Yada Salon

“I try to capture the client’s inner beauty, bring it out and share it with the world.”

-Yamen Dak, Owner and Creative Director, Yada Salon

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