HE said, SHE said… after BREAST CANCER releases 2016 S/HE Thrives calendar including 12 inspirational breast cancer ambassadors, introducing a male breast cancer graduate, with proceeds going towards providing help and resources to those recovering from breast cancer

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Toronto – December 1, 2015

 after BREAST CANCER has released their 2016 S/HE Thrives calendar featuring for the first time both male and female breast cancer ambassadors. Showing that breast cancer has no boundaries, the calendar tells the inspirational and moving stories of 12 breast cancer graduates through beautiful photography taken at the scenic Toronto landmark, Casa Loma.  The S/HE Thrives calendar retails for $20 and are on sale now through the after BREAST CANCER website at http://afterbreastcancer.ca.

after BREAST CANCER uses the term ‘graduates’ instead of survivors, bringing a more powerful and positive word to what life is after breast cancer. This year, the calendar features Annie Parker, Susan Fulford, Diane Dupuy, Seema Gill, Pamela Greiner-Labelle, Lynn Manwar, Melissa Frew, Catherine McCormack, Shirley Scott, Grace John, Cathy Drago and Todd Herzog, all graduates of breast cancer.

This year, S/HE Thrives has partnered with Cadillac Fairview Sherway Gardens to help promote and sell the calendar. The courageous breast cancer ambassadors, who are all graduates of the disease, took part in an extravagant one-day shoot that celebrates life after breast cancer. Amongst stunning views of the majestic castle, both male and female ambassadors were primped and polished by partners including Christopher PaunilChristian, Gente Boutique, Fredas boutique, and Shirley Wu Beauty Concepts by celebrity stylist  Dale Hodder-Elad of Shut up and Dress Me.

“Men don’t think they can get breast cancer; that it’s a ‘women’s’ disease. Not true,” says Todd Herzog, 2016 after BREAST CANCER ambassador and breast cancer graduate. “Besides raising awareness for men to check themselves, the real bottom line is that you need to be your own advocate – “better safe than sorry”.

ABC is a charity dedicated to supporting women and men graduating from breast cancer with limited financial resources or no insurance.

“Breast cancer knows no age, race, life eminence, colour or sex; whether it is a young mother of two, an accomplished business woman, a nurse, an actor, a teacher or a father,” says Alicia Vianga, founder of after BREAST CANCER. “Breast cancer certainly does not discriminate. S/HE Thrives 2016 will be showcasing the many faces of breast cancer.”

Without this support, many women are unable to function in day-to-day life and tend to withdraw from both society and family. after BREAST CANCER hopes to help not only these women, but the often forgotten about men who are also graduates, restore their former quality of life.

“If the after BREAST CANCER program didn’t exist, I would not be wearing my prosthetic breast and mastectomy bra,” says Elizabeth Johnson, after BREAST CANCER ambassador.I would still be stuffing my old bras with anything I could find and hoping that it matched close enough for others not to notice. The prosthetic breast saves me lots of time getting ready for my day, as it is the right size, is very comfortable and light weight.”

When men and women move from breast cancer patient to breast cancer graduate, their world becomes a different place.  Obtaining a properly fitted breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra enables women to engage in their journey of regaining their self confidence and restoring their feeling of being whole again.

 About after BREAST CANCER

after BREAST CANCER was set up to provide resources that contribute to a woman’s Quality of Life (QOL) after breast cancer. Ensuring that women have access to basic needs during recovery and providing mastectomy bras, camisoles and breast prostheses to women who are financially unable to afford them.

The majority of breast cancer organizations focus on research and the cure for breast cancer. after BREAST CANCER focuses on women and men who have survived, who do not have insurance, and who cannot have their basic needs met after a mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. As the survival rates improve, additional resources that support a man or woman’s QOL after breast cancer are required to assist women and men with the various issues that arise during and after treatment.


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