The world’s first total body indoor surf trainer SURFSET® Fitness launches in Toronto this December


SURFSET® is launching its first GTA location, SURFSET® Toronto (2481A Yonge Street) in the energetic mid-town neighbourhood of Yonge and Eglinton this December 1, 2014, offering members a new way to shake up their daily fitness routine.

SURFSET® is an exciting on-board workout aimed at challenging the body by moving away from traditional static exercise and offering classes designed to sculpt muscles similar to a surfer’s long and lean physique. The instability of the SURFSET® board improves athleticism by constantly engaging core muscles, causing them to react to a dynamically shifting platform. Designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing, the 35 pound adjustable SURFSET® board mimics the instability of water and allows all participants a thrilling and realistic surfing experience.

With a focus on full body fitness, SURFSET® Toronto’s workouts build balance, core strength, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, and coordination. Combining rotational core training with isometric movements to build a long lean torso, the workouts elevate the heart rate to torch fat with Wave Runners, Shark Kicks, Duck Dives and of course, the signature surf move, The Pop-Up.

SURFSET® Toronto’s efficient workouts provide maximum results in just a short period of time; a single session can burn anywhere from 500-900 calories in just 45 minutes.

SURFSET® Toronto has four signature programs to deliver top results for all fitness levels: SURFSET® Balance (yoga-inspired), Burn (high-intensity), Build (strength and definition), and Blend (core and combination of all programs).  Each program is structured in custom intervals to stimulate the body. From improving stability and control, to burning fat, building core strength and sculpting lean muscle, there is a class suitable for every personal fitness need.

The new studio, featuring a modern minimalist design with genuine reclaimed wood finishing touches, has been custom renovated uniquely for the SURFSET® Toronto program.

SURFSET® Toronto has been introduced by long time friends Alexandra Vinichenko, Lua Emilia, and Sofia Moksyakova. With backgrounds ranging from finance and economics to marketing and advertising, these Certified SS-T1 SURFSET Trainers, in their 20s, have combined their passion for health and fitness with the dream of entrepreneurship.

Alexandra, Lua, and Sofia are joined by an incredible range of SURFSET trainers including a former professional hockey player, a chiropractor/boot-camp master, an Olympic athlete, yoga instructors, and renowned personal trainers; resulting in a full roster of skilled and knowledgeable coaches.

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