JAMPRO promotes Jamaica for its strong infrastructure, attractive business incentives and highly skilled taskforce

As a premier destination for mainstream film production, JAMPRO promotes Jamaica for its strong infrastructure, attractive business incentives and highly skilled taskforce.

Toronto – September 17, 2010

JAMPROAs the world stage comes to Toronto, the Creative Industries Unit of JAMPRO hosts an exciting film industry networking event during the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), being held on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at Harlem Restaurant (67 Richmond Street East).

The event raises public awareness of Jamaica’s appeal as a premier destination for film projects, as it offers a strong infrastructure, attractive business incentives, and a highly skilled taskforce, in addition to the island’s breathtaking beauty and variety of scenic locations.

The recently released film Knight and Day, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, has been a tremendous success story for the Jamaica Film Commission and the country as an excellent location for creative production. The film, about a woman (Cameron Diaz) who gets tangled up with a secret agent (Tom Cruise) who realizes he is not supposed to survive his latest mission, is highlighted by the gorgeous backdrop of the island.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to promote Jamaica’s Creative Industries at international festivals, such as TIFF. Our goal is to encourage film production in the country and contribute to a stronger economy,” said Nardia McKenzie, Senior Consulting Officer and Consul for Trade and Investment. “We are aggressively moving towards developing new content for promotion at festivals such as TIFF given that the Creative Industries is recognized as having the potential to transform the country’s economic fortunes. The fact that we now have a physical presence in the market have contributed significantly to our success in having an increase in the number films being done in Jamaica.”

JAMPRO is a gateway connecting the world to Jamaica, enabling entrepreneurs from around the globe to tap into the wealth of trade and investment opportunities available in the country. In facilitating investment, JAMPRO guides investors through the necessary steps to making their projects possible, walking them through the approval process and staying with them even after their investments are operational.

JAMPRO recently opened its North American Regional Office in Toronto. It has been actively pursuing a Canadian-Jamaican Co-Production Treaty with the Canadian Government, which would provide investors with increased access to available funding for film projects.

In Jamaica, the film industry is one of the many sectors bristling with the potential to spur economic growth. Since 1984, the Jamaica Film Commission housed within the Creative Industries Unit at JAMPRO has serviced over 3,000 film projects ranging from feature films and documentaries to music videos. The role of the Jamaica Film Commission includes the facilitation of all elements of the film production process through the provision of services such as location scouting, the acquisition of film licences and the administration of attractive incentives to production companies, both local and overseas.

The Jamaica Film Commission facilitates movies and television series produced by international and local investors. Production in the country employs approximately 250 Jamaican citizens per project. The Commission is currently facilitating a number of local film productions including the feature Film “Ghetta Life” by Chris Browne and looking forward to start production of Caribbean’s Next Top Model, early next year.


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