Lights, Camera, Access! breaks down barriers and bridges gaps by creating a culture of inclusion

Toronto – March 7, 2011

Did you know that in Canada, there are four and a half million people with a disability of some kind? Yet their presence in the Canadian media often go unnoticed. Lights, Camera, Access! (LCA!), an institution with the mandate to advance the careers of people with disabilities in the arts, is planning to change that.

With the support of CTV Globe Media, Canadian Heritage, Ontario Media Development Corporation, Inclusive Design Research Centre, The City of Toronto and Fireweed Media Productions, Lights, Camera, Access! has announced the official launch of its 2011 spring summer season program. This will include workshops, mentorships and other support services aiming to create a culture of inclusion in the Canadian media and entertainment industries.

As a non-profit organization with charitable status, LCA! connects its members to employment opportunities in Canada’s entertainment, arts and digital media industries. Most importantly, the program assists its talented members in the development, production and distribution of their product.

As part of its support services, LCA! offers mentorship and career counseling; casting liaison service for directors, producers, and script writers; catalogue & database referrals to alert talented performers about casting opportunities; online workshops & tutorials; monthly e-newsletters to help them connect with other members, as well as keeping them up to date on events and opportunities; annual galas & awards shows to celebrate productions, individuals and corporate supporters that encourage accurate, non-stereotypical portrayals of people with disabilities on radio and television, and in film, theatre and new media; and discounts to partner events that further employment opportunities.

LCA! was founded by Leesa Levinson, an actor with multiple sclerosis, who had been hearing the term “diversity” used, but felt the message was lacking. Instead, she felt “inclusion” was the future and so she formed Lights, Camera, Access! with that in mind.

img-lcaLeesa sits on boards of governance within Toronto’s entertainment industry, including Women In Film & Television and Ontario Media Development Corporation with the intention of being a voice of influence for the talented disabled community.

Leesa has also been recognized for her role in the community with LCA! On February 6th, 2011, in celebration of Bob Marley Day in Toronto, the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) recognized her for her role in building bridges for diverse communities within the city.
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