New at PMG #MustWatchMonday

Must-watch Mondays…. first edition 


  • Inspirational

Angela Ahrendts

 “People will forget what you did, they will forget what you said, but they will never forget the way you made them feel”.

-American poet Maya Angelou

A few powerful speaking pieces by Ahrendts, ties together  trust, authentic content, and creating relationships through brands, life lessons for PR and for building momentum in professional and every day life aspects.



  • Funny, thought provoking

“Four young office worker pals bet a month’s salary to see who can last the longest without going outside, in this wry and funny satire on modern-day office life and the very Canadian desire to stay inside where it’s warm.

Waydowntown won Best Canadian Film at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for four Canadian Comedy Awards.”

With is 90s film quality and cheesy music, this film could easily be played out in Toronto, how long would you last using the PATH?



  • Music/ Up and coming

“New girl on the block Sophia Ray directs her first music video for Partizan UK and it doesn’t disappoint. It sees the British boy band MiC LOWRY let loose in LA, partying and driving around in the sunshine.

The boys sing amongst the aftermath of a wild party, with passed out party guests still lying on the floor. The video is energetic and full of colour, and it is just a taster of what is to come from the newest director on Partizan’s roster.”