Ozery’s Pita Break announces a new partnership with Compass Group Canada to make classrooms healthier and more nutritious

CompassGroupCompass Group Canada and Ozery’s Pita Break have recently announced a partnership to help students at over 300 schools within Ontario to eat healthier. Compass Group Canada, the country’s leading food service and support services company, caters to hundreds of school cafeterias across the nation. With its nutritional programs Eat, Learn and Live and Balanced Choices in place, Compass Group Canada is committed to providing classrooms with the healthiest and most nutritional food product options in the country.

pita-break2The new partnership offers Ozery’s Pita Break’s OneBun and Breakfast Pitas products to schools in Ontario. The flatbread products meet the Province of Ontario’s mandate to have healthy food items available in schools and Ozery’s Pita Break was selected to be distributed within cafeterias across Ontario. As part of the selection criteria, the bread products are required to contain whole grain ingredients, more than 2 grams of fiber and less than 240 mg of sodium per serving.

According to research by the Ontario Government, schools play an important role in teaching students healthy eating habits and reinforcing those lessons through school practices. Studies show that good health is a prerequisite for good learning.

Compass is working together with Ozery’s Pita Break to come up with kid-friendly recipes that use their healthy products. With a strong push by Compass and Ozery’s Pita Break’s nutritious pitas, schoolchildren will now be eating healthier than ever.

Compass Group Canada is the country’s leading food service and support services company. By combining fresh ideas with the industry’s greatest talent, Compass Group Canada continues to to set the standards for food, support services and service excellence. Compass Group Canada is also an award winning business, having been named Top 100 Employer in 2009 and 2010.

For Ozery’s Pita Break, what started off as a Toronto-based family owned bakery and sandwich shop in 1996 has since evolved into a household brand. With the philosophy of “We are what we eat”, Pita Break’s business is based upon the simple belief: “Our bodies deserve the best possible fuel.”

Having outgrown its original storefront location, Ozery’s Pita Break now resides in a larger bakery in northern Toronto and has expanded into the United States, better serving its growing clientele. In its bakery, the all-natural, preservative-free pitas and lavash crackers are baked each day in a delicious range of tastes and sizes leaving you satisfied, energized and confident that you’re eating right.

The two companies are proud of their new partnership, and are pleased to be offering healthy lunch alternatives to children in Ontario. Both companies believe in the importance of healthy eating and balanced lifestyles, and are committed to delivering services that meet these standards.

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