Ozery’s Pita Break introduces a new all natural pita snack, the Crispy Pita

Toronto – January 17, 2012

Snackers now have a new healthy option to choose from. For those seeking a delicious all natural option for snacking, Ozery’s Pita Break is excited to introduce its newest product Crispy Pitas.

Crispy Pitas are made from a variety of freshly baked pita breads including: plain and filled with herbs, fruits and seeds, whole-grain, ancient-grain and organic. The pitas are then cut into chips and toasted to a golden crunch.

The snack sized pita chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips, containing 50 per cent less fat. Great on their own or accompanied by a variety of dips from peanut butter to hummus to salsa. Crispy Pitas also are great for any occasion. Whether it is a dinner party or a summer barbeque, Crispy Pitas are the perfect addition to any event.

Crispy Pitas are available in four innovative flavours that are packaged in 170g bags. Crispy Pitas contain 0g Trans Fat and are whole grain that is an excellent source of protein and fibre. Flavours include: Cranberry Pumpkin, filled with juicy cranberries and nutty pumpkin seeds for a sweet and salty crunch; Rosemary Garlic, baked with fragrant rosemary and garlic; Organic Spelt, made with organic spelt an ancient healthy grain packed with nutrition and studded with nutty flax seeds this snack is a good source or Omega-3 fatty acids; and Organic Wheat, made with 100% organic wheat flour and dusted lightly with salt.

What started off as a Toronto-based family owned bakery and sandwich shop in 1996, Ozery’s Pita Break has since evolved into a household brand. With the philosophy of “We are what we eat”, Pita Break’s business is based upon the simple belief: “Our bodies deserve the best possible fuel.

img-CrispyPitasHaving outgrown its original storefront location, Ozery’s Pita Break now resides in a larger bakery in northern Toronto and has expanded into the United States, better serving its growing clientele. In its bakery, the all-natural, preservative-free pitas and lavash crackers are baked each day in a delicious range of tastes and sizes leaving you satisfied, energized and confident that you’re eating right.

Ozery’s Pita Break is also an award-winning company food brand. Most recently, Ozery’s Pita Break was named as one of the recipients out of 50 organizations to receive the 2010 Best Employers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) award. Employees and leaders at participating organizations were asked to complete an anonymous survey that not only measures their level of engagement, but provides an opportunity for write-in comments on their workplace experiences. Ozery’s Pita Break was chosen out of 250 organizations for its ability to engage its employees resulting in lower workforce turnover and greater productivity. Other criteria included its ability to weather the economic downturn better than any other organizations.

Currently, Ozery’s Pita Break is focusing on strengthening personal relationships with consumers – something the company has been known to do since its humble beginnings. The company has increased its online presence through social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Pita Break will also be launching new blogs in early Fall to give consumers an exclusive look into the different personalities working in the company.


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