Phone Etiquette

‘Not even a good-bye?’ The thought comes to mind as a dial tone replaces the voice on the other end of the line.

At PMG we know communication is key. Whether we’re speaking with clients, media or touching base with contacts, we feel phone calls create that much needed personal connection. Living in such a fast paces world, we sometimes forget the little things like basic phone etiquette, and that takes away from the personal feeling of a phone call. Use the tips below to make the most of your call:

  • Bring All Of You!
    Outlets like Twitter and Facebook can be distracting, but when on the phone be sure to give your undivided attention – no one likes sharing news or a story only to find out the person they have been talking to has been updating their status.
  • Keep It On Vibrate
    The person two desks over probably doesn’t want to know you just got a text message. Be courteous to those you’re working near; keep your phone on vibrate. That little beep or whistle may knock someone off their train of thought.
  • Headphones Are Your Friend
    You may have just found the best playlist on Songza, but your neighbouring coworkers may not agree. Unless you’re in an environment where this is welcomed, keep the music to yourself.
  • Say Bye Before Clicking Off
    We know calls can be exciting, but remember to take a few seconds to let the person on the other end know the conversation is ending.  Farewell, Adios, Au Revoir, it doesn’t matter how you say it, just make sure you do.
    Some speak louder than necessary when on the phone. Be mindful of your volume, not only do those around you not need to hear your conversation, but the person you’re chatting with is getting an ear-full.

These simple tips will assure your phone etiquette is on the right track; those around you will appreciate the courtesy too!