The first black woman to receive a Juno Award, Liberty Silver is back once again to take on the Canadian music scene by storm with her brand new album, Groove Symphony

libertysilverTORONTO-After stepping out of the musical spotlight for five years, multi-Juno award winning artist, Liberty Silver is back stronger than ever before. With a new album releasing on November 20th, 2010, called Groove Symphony, and with the launch of her current jewelery line, Liberty Silver is ready to take the Canadian entertainment scene once gain in full force.

Groove Symphony showcases Liberty Silver’s new sound and takes listeners through a symphony of emotions, spirituality and life lessons. After writing and co-producing the songs on the album, Liberty Silver’s music is described as a marriage of the best old and new school rhythm and blues, with some jazzy soul and power ballads. Liberty’s inspirations for the album revolve around the life lessons and the ups-and-downs we face in life.

In addition to her long awaited new album, Liberty Silver has recently introduced her jewelery collection to Canada. Liberty launched a unique line called the Liberty Silver Jewelery Collection, in collaboration with admired International designer, June Howe. Each piece is handcrafted in Australia, with high-quality semi-precious stones that have healing and calming effects, using Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.

The inspiration behind the jewelery line and its design comes from Liberty’s music and her love of nature. Some of the collections in the line are named after the songs in her new album, in which she describes as molding the two beautiful things she loves doing in life.

No stranger to the music scene, the Canadian-born diva got her start in the mid-1980s by appearing on the television show Star Search, where she won for 7 consecutive weeks. From there, Liberty Silver received 3 coveted Juno Awards for Best R&B Single and Best Reggae/Calypso Recording. That same year she was nominated for Most Promising Female Vocalist and collaborated on a jazz album nominated for a Juno Award, making history as the only multiple Juno Award Winner and nominee besides fellow Canadian musician, Bryan Adams. Liberty Silber was also the first Black woman to receive a Juno Award which shaped the foundation of R&B and soul for an entire generation of black female singers within Canada.

Other awards Liberty has been credited with include: five Black Music Awards, three Rock Express Awards, the Shuremic Award for Vocals, the Bob Marley Memorial Award, the Chin International Songwriter Award, three Genie Nominations for acting, Top Female Jazz Singer Award, and most recently the 2005 African Achievement Award for Arts and Entertainment. She was also nominated for the Best Female Vocal and Original Composition Award at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards, honouring George Benson.

In 1985, Liberty Silver was part of Tears Are Not Enough, a charity Grammy Award winning single recorded by a number of Canadian artists, under the name Northern Lights. The goal of the single was to raise funds for relief of the 1984-1985 famine in Ethiopia. Liberty Silver collaborated alongside some of Canada’s most celebrated artists for the single, which include: George Lightfoot, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams and Neil Young.

Liberty Silver has sold millions of records and CD’s throughout the world, with all types of music from R&B, jazz, multi-platinum dance tracks, reggae, pop, country music and gospel. Her archives include some of music’s most celebrated festival, which comprises of the Antigua Jazz festival, the Ottawa Jazz Festival, the Jamaican Air Canada Jazz Festival, the Barbados Jazz Festival and Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev, just to name a few.

Furthermore, Liberty Silver has also been credited in several TV appearances, including co-hosting the World Basketball Championship ceremony with TV Star Alan Thicke, hosting her own TV series Centre Stage Chronicles, and co-writing and performing the official Olympics theme for the 1996 Atlanta, Georgia, and 2004 Athens, Greece Olympic Games.

On October 5th, 2010 at 2:00 PM, Liberty will be hosting Swap Shop, a televised garage sale which will air on Mississauga’s Rogers TV.


“Life is a groove to me. Wherever I go and wherever I am, I feel music all around me. We are a symphony of music and we need to embrace that.”

-Liberty Silver

“Every song and every emotion and everything that’s put into the music is a symphony. I wrote the album so that we can celebrate the dance of life in music and songs and remember that even at our most difficult times, the lesson is to get back up again and live.”

-Liberty Silver

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