THE THIRD CIRCLE PROTOCOL How to relate to yourself and others in healthy, vibrant and evolving ways

Toronto, ON – February 10th, 2017

Relationships give our lives meaning. Whether with an ex, a boss, a parent, an employer, a friend, a teen or partner. We all strive to find harmony and pleasure in our relationship with others.

The Third Circle Protocol is about the unspoken expectations and agreements we have with each other. Each person in a relationship is focused on their own circle of reality. The Third Circle takes the relationship beyond the realm of you and me, and makes it a separate entity.

In her latest book, THE THIRD CIRCLE PROTOCOL, Georgina Cannon illuminates the path to creating, nurturing and sustaining healthy and vibrant relationships. She shares the missing element that we were never taught that can empower and guide us to achieve and sustain the relationships we desire.

The Third Circle Protocol takes  the reader through mindful exercises to align values and priorities with actions to achieve success in relationships with self, others and within the Third Circle.

With new insights about wants, needs and priorities, the reader is empowered to create success within the the missing element we were never taught, a distinct and separate entity, The Third Circle.

With new clarity, the reader learns about the gifts of giving, forgiving and honouring oneself and is enabled by exercises to determine what works in present relationships and what needs work.

The reader is empowered with self knowledge and wisdom gained through the exercises found in The Third Circle Protocol. Through the process of creating a relationship blueprint aligned with the readers values and priorities, the reader begins the work and takes action to create relationships that work.  Georgina Cannon  provides straightforward exercises and abundant insights allowing the reader to establish their blueprint for success.

By following the Cannon’s protocol, the reader becomes a self-coach who can return to the book time and again to check-in, strengthen self-knowledge or redefine direction to achieve results.

February is relationship month. If you’ve been stuck, frustrated, fearful of dating or of making changes in your relationships, The Third Circle Protocol is the guide you’ve been seeking to help you move forward with hope, confidence and aided by your blueprint for success.

Georgina Cannon, author, writer, public speaker, counsellor/coach has her doctorate in Metaphysical Counselling, and is a lecturer at the University of Toronto. Georgina lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

An interesting fact about Georgina; she was the first fashion editor for Toronto Life Magazine.

For the past 20 years, Georgina has worked with thousands of individual and corporate clients in clinical settings allowing her the opportunity to develop The Third Circle Protocol.

Georgina writes with clarity and insight. In THE THIRD CIRCLE PROTOCOL, through her shared wisdom, she makes it possible to achieve successful relationships on all levels, in all aspects of life.

Cannon’s, The Third Circle Protocol is a thought provoking, practical and straightforward guide for those yearning for harmony and success in their relationships with self and others.

As an engaging speaker, trainer and writer, Georgina Cannon gives hope and promise that success in relationships can be achieved and sustained.

“The Third Circle can show you the way to create a healthy relationship and be your life coach.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD, author of 365 Prescriptions

The Third Circle Protocol provides specific and practical steps that one may take to establish a ‘relationship blueprint’ that aligns one’s values and priorities with actions.”

– Mary Susan MacDonald, Board of Directors, Mensa Canada


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