This MANuary, have the balls to wax your chest and back in honour of testicular cancer awareness month!

495-CheckEmOutThis MANuary, join The Canadian Testicular Cancer Associated (TCTCA) on Monday, January 31, 2011 for the MANsake Ball Cocktail Reception fundraising benefit held at The Berkley Church, from 6pm to 11:30pm (315 Queen St. E.). At the event, teams will select one volunteer to get “MANicured” on film (waist up only guys!), waxing his chest and/or back in front of a live audience. Video footage will be uploaded to the website under the subheading, called “The Wax Museum.” It will also be considered for submission to the LIVESTRONG website LIVESTRONG is a new social media site working in conjunction with the Guinness World Book of Records, allowing TCTCA to set the first record for the most guys to get power waxed at the same time in support of testicular cancer awareness in Canada.

Also, during MANuary, TCTCA hosts the Do You Remember the 50′s Dinner Show? at Bingeman’s Marshall Hall, on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 6pm. The fundraising benefit presents Rex Stone, Canada’s premier Elvis impersonator, with additional impressions of Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash, and a performance by the Flying Dance Company.
Many men are not aware that testicular cancer is the most common cancer among males between the ages of 15 and 29. For this month of January, TCTCA ( launches MANuary, encouraging men “to be aware of their own body,” through education and awareness programs.

TCTCA has distributed informational brochures, shower cards and posters to over 240 UNiversity/College institutions and 38 military bases across Canada, teaching men how to be aware of the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer.

Founded by Cheryl Perry in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, TCTCA has officially launched its office in Toronto, now reaching audiences across Canada. As a non-profit charitable organization, TCTCA introduces its National Spokesperson, actor and host Peter Laneas (Silent Sam, Searching for Where I Belong), who was diagnosed on December 19th, 2002, at the age of 27. Later, he developed a number of tumours in the other testicle, but caught it early. As a result, Peter had a double orchiectomy.

An early diagnosis can help people avoid the undue pain, suffering and harsh treatments associated with the disease, and in some cases, even death. When detected and treated early, testicular cancer has one of the highest survival rates. TCTCA aims to increase general awareness, encourage young men to become familiar with their bodies, distribute information to education and healthcare institutions, and support research and clinical studies.

In its early development, TCTCA partnered with the Region of Waterloo Public Health unit for a two-year project and has continued to grow. If formed the ‘Check ‘Em” testicular cancer awareness campaign that has been an ongoing initiative since spring 2008, generating high-school student awareness, stressing the importance for young men to perform a regular Testicular Self Exam (TSE). Physical education departments have received a teaching kit composted of a lesson plan, simulated silicone testicles, brochures and DVD’s, all with the message of “why it is an issue and what can teens do about it.”

In the fall of 2008, TCTCA launched a mass media campaign, providing community-wide awareness, with the use of advertising on billboards, transit shelters, public service announcements and the official website. Now that the pilot launch of the campaign has proven to be so effective, TCTCA is continuing to spread awareness, now with the launch of MANuary.

On April 22 of 2003, founder Cheryl Perry’s son Adam was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He was only 18-years-old and looking forward to his future after finishing high school. Adam had never heard of testicular cancer, nor had his family. Throughout the long hours of chemotherapy, Adam had a dream of educating other young men about the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer. He wanted to go into schools and teach students not to be afraid to talk about it. Just seven short months later, on November 9, 2003, Adam had passed away. However, Cheryl Perry vowed to make Adam’s dream come true, and with the help of friends and family, The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association TCTCA was formed.

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