ULabs introduces two-day, hands-on intensive flagship workshop ‘[U]Lab’ to Canada enabling youth to unearth their natural innate talents and skills this November 14-15, 2015

Kim Klingler, co-founder and forme1307929970_origr board member and executive director of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, introduces ULabs to Canada, a series of experiential workshops that gets kids off their phones and into designing their lives through the development of real world skills. The flagship hands-on, intensive [U]Lab is officially launching its mission to develop the self-mastery parents are desperate for, colleges are screening for, and employees are now demanding. The event will take place in Toronto from November 14 to 15, 2015 at CJ Skateboard Park and School (60 Horner Ave, Etobicoke).


[U]Lab is an introductory lab and is the most in-demand workshop ULabs offers. Through [U]Lab, participants will become aware of their passions through discovering what matters to them and unearthing their natural, innate talents and skills. The series of labs engage youth through themes they are genuinely interested in and “sneak” in core concepts of self and skills development. Participants will learn practical, real world skills while also further developing their confidence, communication, strategic thinking and self-value.


The cost of the two day flagship event [U]Lab is $175 and registration is now open at www.labs4youth.com.


An Indiegogo campaign has also been launched to further the engagement of business leaders, teachers and parents to participate in [U]Labs‘ mission to re-design education. Contributors can claim perks such as designing and developing their own Lab, tickets to ULabs‘ Highly Rebellious Think Tank and sponsoring an entire class to attend the November workshop. Passionate educators, parents, students and business leaders can get involved by checking out the ULabs Indiegogo site: http://bit.ly/1L200Vh


[U]Lab aims for participants to work collaboratively and learn introductory skills in project ideation, project development and project management. Participants should come out of the two-day lab with the skills to turn ideas into reality. Skills that participants will work on improving include communication, leadership, team management, personal organization and self-regulation.


The first day of the [U]Lab will focus on participants identifying their passions. They will be able to delve into what matters to them and what thrills them. Participants will discover their individual talents and their unique value which will be presented within a values-based resume. The second day is dedicated to project idea development. Participants will learn visual thought process analysis tools such as mind-mapping and sculpting critical thinking skills. They will be able to turn ideas into reality. [U]Lab gets kids off their phones and into designing their lives.


“Today’s youth are eager to try and do. They are bright, advanced, highly creative and are desperate to try things, to experience, to ‘do,’” says Kim Klingler, Founder, ULabs. “This desire to try, to experience and ‘do’ is an integral part of youth development. However, the landscape of what is available to them has not evolved to meet their desire to do purposeful things. They want to build, design and shape just like adults do. “Doing” is how we practice “who” we are, and U Labs provides youth with a variety of career skills sets and themes to “do” just that.”


ULabs provides youth with an opportunity to try multiple skill sets applicable to diverse future careers, enabling them to discover their passions, talents and potential purpose. ULabs offers 11 labs in addition to its flagship [U]Lab: Make[U]P, [U]Snap, Build[U], Inc[U]bate, Improv[U], [U]Focus, [U]Friends, [U]Nail.IT, Defend[U], [U]Survive and [U]HairDo. ULabs provides an opportunity for youth to practice being who they are in real world scenarios that typical academic experiences fail to provide.


About [U]LABS


Fueled by her deeply rooted passion for youth, Kim Klingler founded ULabs, a series of developmental workshops that offer experiential scenarios that develop real world skills by enabling youth to navigate who they are, understand their innate talents and how to effectively combine these tools to create a successful life. ULabs takes learning out of traditional classroom settings, Ubering education and enabling youth to build individual development skills. Labs are designed based on individual interests so that fundamental learning principles can be digested without resistance or boredom. All instructors at ULabs are industry specialists within their field and skills learned can immediately be applicable to youth’s lives.


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