White isn’t just for Summer

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.45.10 AMThe saying goes that you’re not supposed to wear white after Labour Day, yet Labour Day is not the official end of summer. The hot summer weather hasn’t quite left and with the current heat wave in parts of the country, white should still be a staple in your wardrobe.

White is synonymous with clean, fresh and cool perfect for those sticky hot days. Everything from a simple white boyfriend tee to crisp white skinny jeans paired with your favourite Chuck Taylors, white should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, summer or otherwise.

Maybe you’re looking for a more fashionable way to wear white, after all the Toronto Film Festival is going on until September 20. Look no further than the luxurious, lightweight and chic look of linen.

Comfortable yet beautiful, linen clothing is the perfect way to look red carpet ready and also be comfortable in the heat of summer. It perfectly drapes across your body, giving you a simple and refined shape.

Toronto based brand Whitney Linen makes linen clothing for all your occasions, from couture to weekend getaway, there’s a linen look for every occasion.

Whitney Linen, founded by Whitney Westwood and designer Franciska Veress in 2011, is well-known for taking an innovative approach to linen, tailoring bold shapes and textures using techniques that are unique and edgy, and putting a stamp of great sophistication to each piece designed.

Pieces range from crisp, white tailored shirts to elegant, colourful dresses and skirts. Designing high-end pieces for both men and women, linen is a classic and polished ay to proudly wear white after Labour Day.

Give linen a try and wear your whitest whites and look red carpet ready. It’s no coincidence TIFF ends just before the first official day of fall.

Whitney Linen will be launching their Spring/Summer 2016 line September 17, 2016.